Intarsia Woven Cable


OMG what fun this was to try. I can’t believe how much I still have not done on my machines. This is from the book by Susan Guagliumi called Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters. It is an excellent book. If you get your hands on one it will be well worth the money. I feel her book is like Voque sewing patterns versus McCalls sewing patterns. You are expected to know a lot without a detailed explanation in Voque patterns. Below is the graph she gives you to follow. Now when you get to the top the numbers are 1324. But if you start over from the bottom the numbers don’t match. I finally figured out that you will work back down the graph instead of starting at the bottom again. You are not told this in the book. Maybe there is still some hope for my brain. 🙂

The design is just four stripes 3 stitches wide and it is knitted with the Intarsia carriage. I did this on the Bulky machine but I was not worried about the quality of the knitting on either side. This took me about a half hour.



  1. Charlene Said:

    Beautiful. I can’t do things like with without stepbystep or video. SO neat.

    • Thank you Charlene. You can do this if I can! If you look closely at the graph, you can see which way the colors go and which cables cross over or under. You just have to make sure you remember which colors are 1,2,3, and four. You just look at the beginning to do that. 🙂

      • Charlene Said:

        It’s definitely worth a shot. I will try.

      • Yay, you go girl! lol

  2. Françoise Schremmer Said:

    Inspiring! Guagliumi’s book is so rich that one could spend one’s time just knitting samples of her inventions.

    • I second that! There are things in that book that I don’t even think I can do. How did she figure all this out?

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