Hand Knit and Machine Knit Helpful Tip


I am in the process of hand knitting a scarf. I will tell you that I am not an experienced hand knitter. I got stuck in the pattern and I emailed a wonderful lady I met who is very intelligent and she tried to explain it to me. I still wasn’t getting it so she made a video of her knitting it and sent it to me! WOW, my very own private knitting lesson!

So I was able to get the pattern down pat but row five of the pattern is where I would have trouble. She emailed me a link showing the technique of a “life line” so if you make a mistake, when you rip back you won’t lose all of your work. Especially while knitting lace. This would definitely work on the knitting machine also. Just apply the same principle. Just take a piece of yarn, cord or whatever and use your double eye needle to thread through the stitches in the row that you want to put it in. I have done fine lace on my knitting machine and if there is a dropped stitch I always start again but this is a perfect solution. I wish I could take credit for it.

Double Click on the picture and you can see it close up.

In the picture I have two lines. The lower one is brown so I changed to red to show up better. When you are finished, you just pull them out.

My knitting life just gets easier and easier. 🙂


  1. Ruth Said:

    Using a length of ravel cord on the machine makes this even easier as the stitches are smoother to lift back up.

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    It looks as gorgeous to me as your machine knits…you go girl !

    • Thank you Susan. The problem is that I am AD! I am now doing an intarsia purse on my Bulky. I work on the scarf if I watch tv with hubby. 🙂

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