Vertical Stockinette Curls


This is a very simple technique that can be knitted on any machine and you don’t need instructions. Yay! I used a tension swatch and you hold it horizontally and pick up as many stitches as you want. I did this on the passap so I hand knitted the first row for the curl and then knitted 9 more rows for a total of 10 at a slightly tighter tension than used for a garment. Then just bind off and the roll curls naturally. If you do several just remember to pick up the fabric the same way so the curls go in the same direction….or don’t and get a different look. In the second picture you will see the first row knitted and if you use sharp contrasts you will see this. So…if you want to hide that, put the curls closer together like I did with the longest one and the one next to it. Or better yet, after picking up the stitches knit one row with the garment yarn and then switch to contrast so you won’t see it at all. (I just thought of this! duh!) On the shorter ones, I left 4 rows between curls. On the first two on the left I left 3 rows between them. On the longer one, I also knitted 12 rows instead of 10 for a slightly larger curl. This technique is in Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi on page 160.




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