Passap Seamless Mitered V-Neckband by Penny Ragland

I have not had a computer for five days and I have some items to post. Hope you don’t unsubscribe to my emails! lol

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  this seamless neckband. It is in Machine Knitters Source 2000 May/June issue page 50.  It was so easy but while doing it I could not figure out how this was going to come out. You start on waste yarn double bed cast on and then switch to  circular knitting. Then you will knit the band(still circular) bringing pushers into work and out of work on the front bed for the increases and decreases. The band starts with garment color knitting 2 rows and then decreasing one stitch on each bed on left side only 10 times(total of 20 rows.) Then knit two rows at larger tension for turning rows and then start decreases. No pushers on the back bed. When you are finished with the band you will steam the waste yarn only.


Then you cut the last row of knitting that was done N/N setting . the seam opens up. Then you do the same with the cast on edge as in the second picture down.



Then you fold the band and this is what you end up with!


I just did a quick cut and sew and backstitched(quickly and sloppily I might add) to see what the finished look would be. I used a tension swatch as the sweater front and did not even cut a good V in the fabric. I would use this on a sweater but would not do the cut and sew.



This last picture shows the other side of the band and I think that would look even nicer than the side I used.

I believe you can do this on the Brother also though I have not tried it. If you have a Brother, you would use the P lever to left of machine where racking nob is so that the needles are directly opposite one another for the circular rows. BUT when you go to do the regular rows of knitting at the end, remember to change the pitch to H so the needles don’t crash into each other.



  1. Rhettaric Said:

    This is great! I think I could do the same on my Brother.

  2. Hi, Yes, you can. I will email you with some helpful points if you try it on the Brother.
    Carol 🙂

  3. Susan McBean Said:

    Sweet ! but do you have to stitch each main yarn stitch to the sweater as you take out the waste yarn….? As usual, you are over my head….but I LOVE how the V came out and what an unusual way to obtain it !

    • Hi Susan, Thank you! Yes you have to do each stitch but you don’t have to attach it this way. I happen to like doing the commercial neckline because I like the look and it really does not take long . You can hang the sweater first with the right side towards you. Then hang one edge of band on the same needles, pull those stitches through the sweater and then hang the second edge of stitches and bind off. There are many other ways of attaching bands but I used this technique because that is how I will connect one on a sweater for me. 🙂

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