Passap Knitted Rose by Ricki Mundstock, Knitted Cala Lily



This Rose was knitted on the Passap and you can knit it on any machine. It is a pattern by Ricki Mundstock. You can find the directions at this link.


I used two strands of 2/24 . I think it would look nice on a headband, purse or as a pinned flower on a sweater .

The Cala Lilly is from another book and I can’t put my hands on the book to tell you who wrote the pattern. Still not organized! lol I believe there was a mistake in the directions for the top of the lily. I did not knit a stem but it would not be hard and there would be no leaves on the lily so that is less work. I am going to do the Cala Lily on the Brother in wool and felt it. I am sure it will come out really soft and pretty and no visible stitches. Stay tuned for that.(If I can find the pattern again!) lol



  1. Ginny Said:

    The “” is no longer valid. Do you have another link that works?

    • Hi Ginny, I corrected it. Thank you!

      • charmknits Said:

        link still does not work.

      • Go to the drop box link and the pattern is there.

  2. angela Said:

    These are so pretty!

    • I think so too. I hope you try them. 🙂

      • angela Said:

        I will try……… will look like a frog i’m sure, LOL!

  3. Ginny Said:

    Thank you very much.

  4. Lois Said:

    Hi Carol I have not received any email content since las year I really enjoyed getting them can you fix it for me please
    Regards Lois

    • Hi Lois, first try signing up again in email box. If that does not work the next time i do post something I will let you know and we will see if you get it. Carol 🙂

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