Helpful Hint for Machine and Hand Knitters



I saw this technique in Knitting Paradise but lost the link to the woman that came up with the idea. You know how balls of yarn roll around on the floor when you are trying to knit. She suggested a dish and a paper clip on the edge to stop the ball from rolling around .  I went immediately to my kitchen and found a bowl ( really, any container will do) and put the clip on it. Then I went one further and put the clip on the yarn holders on the passap machine. I can’t wait to use it the next time I have a small ball that I want to use up.  Sometimes you can’t find the inside yarn to feed up to the machine and this will help. In the first picture I have one feeding from the outside and one feeding from the inside.


  1. kadie Said:

    Also saw the idea, but had not thought of using it for machine knitting. Thanks. Good reminder to think outside the box

  2. Judy Blomgren Said:

    I did the same and found that I had wound the yarn too tightly for my first attempt. So, with that in mind, will rewind the yarn and do it again. But sure does save time and frustration from chasing the yarn around the room.

    • I know what you mean about chasing the yarn. I knit slowly watching so it does not tangle as it dances around. lol

  3. Natalie Said:

    I’ve done similar to this but didn’t think of using a clipper. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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