Appliques on the Passap and the Brother



This is a really unique way of embellishing a garment. It is in an 11 page soft booklet called Applique Assortment by Marj Campbell. If you are doing a garment you have to decide where you want these diamonds on the garment before knitting it. When you knit the garment you will start by transferring one stitch to the right and left of the middle needle to the needle next to it leaving two eyelets. On the next row and following rows you will move one stitch over and place an eyelet. Count the eyelets as you knit them!! I didn’t and when I knitted the applique, it would not fit! lol

There are 17 total eyelets on each side. Then you take this diamond and hang it with the knit side facing the machine. You hang the bar below each eyelet and the stitch in between on 3 needles. You will knit 2 rows and then at left you pick up a bar on the garment and hang it on the next empty needle of the diamond. You knit one row and then hang the bar of the garment on the empty needle on the right. I knitted this solid diamond on the passap. It has a series of decreases too long to write that give it the design it has. I did make a mistake in knitting the diamond on the bottom right. I did not push a needle out of work and ended up with an extra stitch to decrease. The great thing is you can just take off the machine, undo and re knit without any unraveling of the garment.  I knit the last two samples of the flower and the solid yellow on gray background on the Brother. These can be done on any machine. The solid diamond Is the easiest with no programming. Just hand manipulated stitches. It is a little more involved to do the fairisle designs. You have to set up for a fairisle motif. I have the disk that does it for you and she has over 28 patterns for flowers in diamonds and there are birds, butterflies, elephant, bunny  car and horse.


This is the inside of the garment. No floats are showing.




  1. Charlene Said:

    This is impressive.

    • Thank you! It would be more impressive if it was my idea!! lol
      Carol 🙂

  2. Rhettaric Said:

    You truly amaze me! I cannot wait until mid April so I can have a little time to try these things out!

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