Passap Machine Mug Rugs


Today was a rainy nasty day and I was feeling lazy. I wanted to knit but did not want to really concentrate. So I knitted some mug rugs . The colors are the football colors for the Browns on three of them. One is Navy and bright red and the lower left small one is hunter green and cranberry.

I have one by my computer where I have my coffee in the morning. I use large mugs for my coffee so I like the larger ones. However, I changed the tension by two dots and that is how I made the smaller one. If I was going to make a lot of these in one day I would put the design in win/crea. However, this is a great lesson for beginners on how to isolate a pattern. The instructions are in the E 6000 Shortcut Manual by Patricia Wetzel under How to make use of “ADD” on page 6. She walks you through every step while entering the pattern on the computer.

Here is how I made mine. I cast on 35 stitches . Both end needles are on the front bed. I used needles 42 right and 76 right. I centered the pattern on needle 58.  I knitted 3 rows(actually 12) or 2 rows(actually 8) between the words mug and rug. I used two strands of 2/24 for each color.

The first row cast on at 1../1.., CX rows 2../2.. and the last N/N row at 3../3.. if you want the smaller one (5″ by 5″) The larger one is 5″ by 6.25 ” and knitted at tension 4 on both beds.

You have to enter the letters you want from the pattern book for passap. You will be programming in three letters next to each other. At this point you follow page 6 or use your passap manual . (or download a design of your own that fits inside of 35 stitches and  29 to 30 rows(29 times 4 rows =116 total knitted rows) . The letters in the passap manual are 12 rows high and that comes to 48 rows of knitting. Now I have to check my manual and see if you can program these letters smaller. Does anyone know?

While you are knitting the plain rows, continue using the two colors so that your stripes are continuous on the back of the mug rug. When the design is finished I knit one row(actually 4 rows of knitting). COR knit CX/CX rows at 2.., COR and knit one row N/N tension 6.  Then I take the carriage back to the right using G/X on both beds. I change the settings back to C/X on both beds and take off on waste yarn. Then I crochet one stitch through the next to the end.

I also have made Beer Mug rugs  and that would be cute in the football colors . I have also done one with a coffe mug in the middle.You be the creator for the design .

The bottom picture is the back of the rug.



  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    really fun! I would buy them 🙂

  2. Okay! Which one? lol

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