Pull Up Trim on the Knitting Machine by Jan Richards


My friend and I went to a seminar in Youngstown Ohio and the instructor was Jan Richards. She is known for sideways knitted sweaters that I never liked until I saw hers. We received hand out sheets and she has a design called pull up trims. I could not picture what this would look like so I tried it and it is unique.

I also did this on the passap but would have been  easier on the Brother . I also realized I have never knit single bed fairisle on the passap and it is time for me to learn. I used the weave cast on and guess what-it did not unravel! Yay. Then I knitted about twelve rows of stockinette stitch. At this point that could be the part that you hang as a hem. I steamed a hem up to show a nice edge before the design starts.

The design consists of four diamonds . The pattern is 48 stitches wide and 18 rows long. There are 7 stitches between the white boxes from diamond to diamond. I used technique 177 I believe which is 3 color single bed fairisle.

In the middle of the diamonds there is a box five sitches wide and six stitches long that will be white stitches. The background is navy and the diamonds are red. You will knit the first six  rows with red and navy. Then you will knit six rows of red and white. When you finish the last row of the white stitches, you will take the first five stitches of the first row and hang them on the last row of white stitches.( This is where it was difficult using the passap since I used the front bed.) Then you finish the last six rows of navy and red. It is pulling the stitches up and on the right side of the fabric you will see the “roll” of white stitches and it makes the red roll also.  She said this can be used as a hem or turn it sideways and it can be used as trim for the front. I think it would look unique around the sleeve band instead of ribbing.


  1. Charlene Said:

    That looks so pretty. It would look neat around a collar, waist and cuffs.

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