Hiding a zipper in a jacket.


I saw an article about hiding a zipper in a jacket. I knitted double bed on the passap (pattern 1302 and technique 180)so I could count the rows and stitches if this worked out for a makeup bag. Well, the size is right but the design is not good. I wanted to be able to tell how many stitches I would need. This is a 20 stitch by 20 row design repeated once. I added 8 stitches on each side of design to knit plain. (total of 56 stitches. I knit three repeats of the pattern for 60 rows(240 using 2 colors)I first knitted the piece of fabric. then you do a hem starting on waste yarn  and ending on waste yarn. then you hang the fabric and then the hem and bind off.  The zipper is then sewn “in the ditch” of the cording. Yeah, right, easier said than done. Very hard to get the cord even in width while sewing it in. Because this fabric was not long enough I took the zipper apart and sewed the other side and then reassembled the zipper. It looked long enough for a makeup bag so I  turned it inside out and crocheted through the fabric on the sides. I think this would be easier to do up the front of a sweater instead of this small swatch. I also think you would get a nice look by just doing a roll edge. lol




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