Felted Pucker Lips Lipstick-Makeup Bag


Okay, you can stop laughing! I know I need to get a life. lol I decided to make a lipstick, makeup bag. Actually the size is perfect. It is 6&3/4 inches  wide and 4& 1/2 inches tall.  I will probably put a little loop on one end and a zipper closure or just magnetic closures(2 of them) I don’t know if this little bag is worth the effort of a zipper.

I fooled around with the other sample and thought the puckered lips might work for a flower. I just quickly crocheted a chain and flower center and leaf. So I went back to the machine and tried a larger one and it came out looking like a large pierogi hanging on the fabric. roflol. I tried another and made up a set of lips before knitting the fabric and put them on the needles of the next pair of lips and now I am really roflol!! It is so gross looking I can’t look at it.



  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    The little lip bag is darling, you are amazing miss ♥

  2. Vicki Herman Said:

    Carol, you are too funny! Wish I was having fun knitting.

    • Well I don’t know about having fun when I come up with a blunder like I did but I sure got a good laugh and so did my hubby!

  3. Lynne Said:

    You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

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