Felted Purse with Fish Scale Design



Here is a purse that I knitted and felted . Yesterday I knitted the purse. I only had this color wool and did not feel like going to the store. It looked plain and it looked like the flap was going to be too small so I played around with the brown wool. I ended up not letting the scales roll when they felted since they would roll up and I wanted it to have the scales going down. I stuffed each scale with some saran wrap so they would not lay flat and give the purse a little dimension.  The purse itself is 51 stitches wide and I added 6 stitches to each side for the sides. I knitted 70 rows and decreased one stitch on each side 7 stitches in every ten rows .I made a front and a back  but on the back piece, before I started the flap, I cast off 4 stitches on each side so there wouild be room for a grommet for the strap . When I got to the point of the flap I  decreased down to two stitches and then I increased out for about 12 rows so that there is a backing at the point to put a metal closure in without it showing on the front. I decided on a  brown leather . This purse measures 11 inches wide and 8 and 1/2 inches tall. It took the longest time to crochet around the scales and I would definitely not take an order for this one!It is for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. Alysha in KY Said:

    I haven’t liked any project done with scales until I saw this. If you had done the whole bag that way, I’d have been put off. I will now have to reconsider my opinion of scales, bobbles, puff stitches, etc….. I think I’m just to traumatized from the 80s sweaters that had these techniques all over them. LOL

    • Hi Alysha, I am laughing at what you wrote about being traumatized from the 80’s sweaters. I am not a slave to fashion so I don’t remember all that stuff. lol
      Doing these scales was very time consuming and then to crochet them down so they didn’t sit up added to the time.I think I am going to do another purse with no flap and just the front the scales and let them felt and then steam down. I went back to my sample and did that and they do look cute.
      Beads seem to be a big thing now and I even considered knitting some beads in. Who knows what I will try next.
      Thanks for your comment. It gave me a good laugh.
      Carol 🙂

  2. I would like a pattern for knitted felt slippers

    • Hi Virginia, If you click on the link to my blog Sept of 2011 you will see all the slippers and the first pair I made. There is a link to go to for the free pattern that I use. The pattern is two layers of yarn. I have done felted slippers with two strands of yarn and they wear out sooner and are much lighter. Here is the link.
      Carol 🙂

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