Fish Scales on the Brother Machine by Susan Guagliumi

I was looking for the pattern for the knitted flowers for my slippers yesterday and I saw this design and thought it would be fun to try. It is from the book Hand-Manipulated Stitches fro Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi. Once I figured the scale out I was able to go back and do it correctly. The first row shows cast on-terrible. No explanation in instructions. Also, that is when I realized that you had to leave 3 stitches or however many you want inbetween the scales.  Row two I left 3 stitches between the scales. I also knitted three rows of stockinette between scales instead of one like she did in her picture. Row three I had the wrong number of stitches and spacing was off. Rows 4 and five have perfect spacing. I then tried doing the scales in a different color and it worked. I did this sample in wool because I want to see what happens when I felt it. I should have used a looser tension though so we will see. Also, in making this the number of stitches for my final test would be 3 needles on each end and then scales would be 5 stitches with 3 stitches in between them.

If the felting comes out where the scales look like balls, I could do them in acrylic at a tighter tension and let the yarn felt tight around them. I am on a mission-also using up a lot of time! lol!




  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    What is this for? Interesting 🙂

    • I am working on a felted purse right now and I am putting these scales on the flap of the purse. It is taking awhile since I am doing this by trial and error. I want a pointed “V” on the flap but have to figure the decreases and the spacing of the fish scales. If it does not look good I will do a square flap.

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