Passap Fringe using EX settings and Racking

This fringe was done using the same needle set up except that after casting on the settings are changed to EX on both beds. When you knit, you rack one whole turn every two rows back and forth until you are finished.  It has a very pretty look and it pulls the fringe closer together. In the last picture I have the fringe knitted withEx and no racking  next to this one to show the difference. In the article Irene Krieger  does not really say how to cast on. Or maybe she does and I didn’t read all of the article! lol   I cast on N/N, hang comb, do two rows of CX/CX and one row of N/N. Then I hung one light weight from cast on comband changed to EX/EX.  At the end I don’t bind off the three stitches on the right so they will unravel.



  1. Joyce in MN Said:

    As usual very informative & nice job!

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