Braided Fringe on the Passap using Both Needle Beds

I am working on fringe samples by Irene Krieger and she uses both beds so I thought I would try the braided fringe using her needle set up. First of all, it was easier. Did not have to open both beds to hang the twisted fringe. Secondly I used one needle on the top bed and one needle on the bottom bed on the right and the stitches stayed put. One loop was a little larger than the other but not bad. However, the drawback is that you can’t lift the bars on the two rows beneath the needles in work on the left and that leaves a wider space between the fringe. Joyce commented on the last post that the pink was done on the passap because the fringe is closer together. Very observant! I like the one on the passap better because of that.


  1. JOYCE Said:

    can you tell us ho the twist is made?



    • Hi Joyce,

      This is the the link to Diana Sullivans braided fringe on you tube. . It will show you how to do it. It is basically putting your finger between the two loops and twisting about 16 times and then hanging the loops on the needles on the left.

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