Braided Fringe On the Passap and the Brother Machines

I’m back! I have been doing some serious cleaning in my house and have not done much knitting. Of course the temptation is strong to quit cleaning! Anyway, I saw this fringe on you tube with Diana Sullivan demonstrating the technique on a Silver Reed machine I believe.

I tried it on the Brother machine and I put the needle on the far right in hold position and then put the yarn under the needle and knitted back. It worked quite well since the stitch to the far right was not knitting well since it was not e wrapped on. So then I thought, this can be done on the passap too. The only difference is that you have to work on the back bed of the passap and you have to open the beds up every four rows to twist the loops and lift the bars from the two rows below. This will make sense if you watch the video. I also saw a video of a woman hand knitting a scarf and she stopped mid row and did one of these braids. She did a whole row of them and it was cute and unusual. I think this fring is so cute and would look good on a scarf or as purse trim….hmmmm….
So….which one did I do on the Passap?


  1. Miss. Rowels Said:

    Hmmm…I think that the pink one was knit on a Passap. Am I right?

  2. Joyce in MN Said:

    I was going to say Passap but looks like someone beat me too it so now I know I am right. The pink one looks nicer & the fringes look closer together. Love all your posts. I learn a lot from you without even being near my machine. It is winter vacation time for us.

    • Hi Joyce, I thought the reason that you thought it was the pink one was because my posting before this I used the same pink yarn. Good point that the fringe is closer together.
      Speaking of winter. It is 5 degrees above zero. We were supposed to get one to three feet of snow. We didn’t and I am MAD. I love snow and knitting when it is snowing. 🙂
      Thanks for your input. Stay warm.

      • Joyce in MN Said:

        Brrrrrr. I am so glad we are here. It will be 70 today. Once we get back where my machine is I will be anxious to try the fringe.

      • 70 degrees is nice but I love the snow. We just got about 5 inches this morning. . Let me know if you try the fringe.
        Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

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