Reader Cover Knitted with cables

reader coverMy friend sent me this link and said she thought this was cute.

I bought the yarn and went to try it on my Bulky machine. I cast on 33 needles and only had six cabels across. I used TD3.. and I got the same row gauge and tension gauge. I was so proud. I did not bother to go get my reader and make sure. When I took it off the machine it was too small. It was the measurement that the pattern called for. The width was fine but I would have to make it about four inches longer if I did it again-which I am not going to. It took a long time to cross the cables even hand knitting them off on a seperated piece of yarn. I had to steam this which I hate to do to yarn to get it to stretch. Chalk this up to lesson learned. It was my own fault. If I had gone and gotten my reader I could have made the adjustments.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Cool, you liked it! You did a nice job ♥

  2. Yes I liked it but not happy with it. lol

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