An Expensive Lesson Learned

I made the blue slipper from Cascade 220 yarn and the brown one with Lions Brand wool. The brown one is the double layered slipper sewn like Judi Meissner does on her felted hats. The blue one is the slipper knitted with two strands of yarn and sewn up using the mattress stitch. I think the reason I ended up with a seam showing is because of two things that I did and will never do again. First of all, the blue slipper does not come out much bigger than the size you need and therefore, not much felting has to happen to get the size. And number two is that I did not sew seam up the way Judi Meissner does in her felted hats. (go through knot on one seam and bar on the other. ) I used the mattress stitch . I do not like the seams showing so I kept on felting and the only thing that happened was that they got smaller and tighter and the seam still showed.  I threw away ten dollars so I won’t forget and let this happen again. lol


  1. I am just finishing a pair of lined slippers, and I dared to sew-as-you-go…I know you said the seam would show. The pair I knitted yesterday, I sewed by hand. I’ll be able to “see for myself”. 🙂

    • I am anxious to hear how yours come out. 🙂 Let me know.

      • First pair (gray/blue) I felted this a.m. were the ones I hand sewed. They are great, EXCEPT, I had areas that did not felt, and by the time I got those felted, I have tiny slippers (to go with my tiny hats!). I think they were against each other in the lingerie bag. The second pair (brown) were the ones where I did sew-as-you-go. They are fine, and I cannot see the seam. The yarn had dots of color in it, but the dots don’t show, and this pair is very hairy.

      • Hi Ruth, Good for you for trying. I feel bad that your first pair over felted. This was the lesson I learned. If it comes out to your size and is not completely felted, leave as is and wear them yourself! I never had a problem with parts of them not felting in the same bag. I did have a little mitten felt together and that is because I forgot to put some plastic inside. lol We all learn from our mistakes and I hope this does not discourage you. I find the most fun is watching them felt and getting a good outcome.
        I am afraid to try sew as you go becasue Judi Meissners way is okay with me.
        Carol 🙂

      • I actually tried to blog about the brown ones–Chainstitcher– but I’ve never done it before so don’t know…I put up before and after pics. I think I know what caused my first failure: I had the washer on mini load, which usually works, but this time, I tried bubble wrap inside the slippers. I think they floated up above the water level. I really think that is it. I finished them without anything in them and not in a bag. I socked it to ’em! They sure are cute little things! The brown ones are for my adult son who is having surgery next week, so I didn’t let them go so long. I can decorate the gray ones with something appropriate for my 4-year old grand nephew. 🙂

      • Okay, I think that using bubble wrap would cause that. I have a bag that when I open and check felting and close back up, it stays on top. so I open it and let more water in and burn my hands! lol

        At least someone gets the miniature ones.
        Carol 🙂

  2. Since the lined slippers are so huge when they come off the machine, do you actually adjust size while knitting, or stop felting at the right size?

    • Hi Ruth, You stop felting at the right time. I have felted for 15 minutes for a double layered pair but start watching at 5 minutes since all machines are different. If they look good, squeeze water from them(watch, they are hot) and then try on your foot. If too large, put back into machine. Good Luck.

  3. jess Said:

    I’m so glad u posted this photo!
    I got a gift of wonderful knit clogs from my ex husbands mother years ago, and I just wore them out. The clogs outlasted the marriage!
    Anywho, I am determined to make myself another pair, and I am NOT a knitter. I am having one heck of a time reading the pattern I bought, and I need a photo to go by. I’ve all about given up on that pattern. But the mistake you made here, shows me how these ones are knit up, so I can try to pull a pattern out of thin air. I’m a pattern designer in crochet, but knitting is a completely different ballpark!
    I’m so thankful that I came across your blog to have found this photo!

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