Felted Clog with single thickness cuff.









This is the second time I made the double stranded clog slippers by KrisKrafter. In the picture of the pair of slippers , I made the size large and I knit two strands of yarn for the whole slipper including the cuffs(or hem). I don’ t like the way you see the line and the cuffs did not felt real tight because of it.In the picture of the new slipper on the shoe stretcher I made the Medium size slipper and used two strands of yarn throughout the whole slipper …EXCEPT… I only used one strand of yarn to do the cuffs. I think it felted better giving it more shape around the ankle and you don’t see a line as much as the other ones. It took about fifteen minutes to felt in my washing machine. This slipper also uses a couple of ounces less of yarn per pair and it takes less time to sew them up.



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