Converting a Hand Pattern from Drops Design

This is an attempt to try a new felted boot that is a hand knitted pattern by Drops Design. It is Drops 112-43.  You can see it at this link.

The boot is knitted with two strands of alpaca and it is all one piece. It was very easy to make on the machine but I do not like the outcome. First of all, I only used one strand of wool just to make one and see how it was knitted and sewn together. There is a seam up the middle of the back of the foot and when sewn togeher, it leaves a point that did not felt flat. The front toe is finished with a straight edge, the edges are brought together and sewn and then you continue sewing up the top of the foot.  There is sort of a circle pattern on the top of the foot and the toe comes out pointy. Next, the buttonhole is way too big and you can see that on their picture also. I have no clue why the strap is so long for the button to go on. I really think this is a cute boot and I will work on trying a better way of doing the buttonhole side and the toe. I do like the single thickness of this also. I can see how it would feel like a boot done with two strands of yarn.


  1. Natalie Said:

    Oh, I have to try this pattern out. I wear a leg brace and this booties would be easy to wear and hold them on my foot. Plus, they definetely will keep my feet warm in the winter. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Natalie Said:

    As for the buttonhole, don’t make one during the knitting. Just make a slit for the buttonhole after the felting.

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