Liquid Rubber Spray for the bottoms of slippers

I have been looking for something for the bottoms of my felted slippers to stop from slipping. I have been looking at sheet rubber but to me they become shoes putting that on the sole. I found a product called liquid rubber. At first I was disappointed because I thought it would coat the bottom thorougly so I could walk out to get the paper and at the same time be soft enough for the house. I have used it a couple of times and now I love it. I just sprayed the bottom of the slippers in the picture. It is a light coat, can hardly be seen, can not be felt while walking in them,  and you can curl up in a chair with these on and they are not rigid. The product is washable and stays soft. And the most important part is that it stops the slipping. It is a spray that does not get into the air a lot like some aerosols. The smell goes away in a day. I found it on the internet and almost paid 9.99 for the spray and 6.99 for shipping. Then I saw it in an ad at Ace Hardware. We have one two miles from my home. I called them and they carried the colors but not the clear.  They ordered it for me and it cost $8.49.  A product that is well worth it if you are looking for something like this.


  1. vicki Said:

    Thanks Carol, that’s nice to know. I made a pair recently & want to give some as gifts, but didn’t know what to put on the bottoms. Will get some & give it a try. Vicki

    • Your welcome Vicki, It does come in colors (not many) but the clear (that dries like the color of a glue stick-sort of milky) does not detract from the slipper. At first I made a cut out of a foot and place on the on the bottom so it did not go all over the sides. The spray is easy to control so then I just sprayed on the toe and heel without any other covering and did not have to do a heavy spray. Hope this helps.
      Carol 🙂

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