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More Felted Wine Bottle Covers

I have a customer that has bought 12 wine bottle covers from me. I just finished the snowman and she bought it and asked if I could do a Santa carrying a sack of toys. Well this is the closest I could come to that and be able to needle felt it. The Santa is needle felted with wool roving. The white is sparkly and I think it is roving. A lady I buy from who has Slim Chicken web site sent it as a sample. It feels like nylon yet it does felt. It has a sparkle that you can’t see in the pictures. This was the hardest one for me to do and by all means not perfect. Keep on practicing I always say. Lol  Update: She bought it and it was in store probably five minutes. Yay!

An Expensive Lesson Learned

I made the blue slipper from Cascade 220 yarn and the brown one with Lions Brand wool. The brown one is the double layered slipper sewn like Judi Meissner does on her felted hats. The blue one is the slipper knitted with two strands of yarn and sewn up using the mattress stitch. I think the reason I ended up with a seam showing is because of two things that I did and will never do again. First of all, the blue slipper does not come out much bigger than the size you need and therefore, not much felting has to happen to get the size. And number two is that I did not sew seam up the way Judi Meissner does in her felted hats. (go through knot on one seam and bar on the other. ) I used the mattress stitch . I do not like the seams showing so I kept on felting and the only thing that happened was that they got smaller and tighter and the seam still showed.  I threw away ten dollars so I won’t forget and let this happen again. lol

Felted Clog with single thickness cuff.









This is the second time I made the double stranded clog slippers by KrisKrafter. In the picture of the pair of slippers , I made the size large and I knit two strands of yarn for the whole slipper including the cuffs(or hem). I don’ t like the way you see the line and the cuffs did not felt real tight because of it.In the picture of the new slipper on the shoe stretcher I made the Medium size slipper and used two strands of yarn throughout the whole slipper …EXCEPT… I only used one strand of yarn to do the cuffs. I think it felted better giving it more shape around the ankle and you don’t see a line as much as the other ones. It took about fifteen minutes to felt in my washing machine. This slipper also uses a couple of ounces less of yarn per pair and it takes less time to sew them up.



Felted Purse with Bird in Tree

This is the same purse pattern that I made with the owl in the tree design on it. I bought this design from the Dreamstime site so that I can sell the item.  I needle felted the tree and the bird . I knitted the leaves seperately and then lightly felted them and sewed them on. I did a two cord handle but have to add a third cord and braid or do a wide handle. Not sure which yet. There is a magnetic snap to hold the tops together. When I knitted  this purse (and several of the others), I mark where the top is, bind off a couple of stitches for the sides and then I do 20 rows more to lay as a flap inside. I attach the magenetic snap to that flap and it does not show from the outside.  This is for my Etsy store.

Felted Clogs on the Brother with Needle Felting

I tried a new clog pattern by KrisKrafter using two strands of wool. I did the hung hem at the beginning and end. The only thing I did not care for is the thickness of the hem which is the cuff. So………I am going to make another pair and only use a single strand on the cuff. These were much easier to do and less sewing up of seams.(don’t like to sew the seams on sewing machine.) This pair happened to fit a co worker so I told her I would put a design on for her. In fact, I like these colors better than the ones on the pair in my etsy store.

Fingerless Fetled Gloves Knit Circular

This is the same two hour fingerless glove pattern that I knitted circular instead of straight on the knitting machine. Knitting circular was much easier and quicker. Well, I was ahead of the game until the ribbing near the fingers.  Since it was circular, I could not go into the ribbing. I had to do the ribbing and then connect it to the glove. Don’t like the look and I did not break the two hour time . I could have taken off and knitted on double pointed needles but I still would have lost time. What I would do next is knit more rows where rib is on finger area and then finish with a crochet edge of scallops maybe. I lightly felted them and I do like how they feel and fit.

Fingerless Gloves

I was supposed to be knitting on the passap but made a tension swatch and decided I did not like it. Meanwhile, I found this hand knitting pattern on Knitting Paradise for free. It is called Two Hour Fingerless Gloves by Onix Terevinto. I still don’t get it about fingerless gloves because it is my fingers that get cold! lol  In the pattern she knits on straight needles and tells you that you can do circular also. It is so easy to convert to machine. Not easy to do on machine! lol  It took about an hour and a half on the machine for both gloves. If you don’t have a garter bar, don’t bother trying. When I finished and sewed them up I did not like the fit or how they looked. I used TD 2 for a 2 by 1 rib and TD3. for the body of the glove. I decided if I made them again to go to TD3 but instead I would not do the 4 stitch increase on the first row. So I got to thinking that they were plain and I don’t like to do duplicate stitch. I decided to lightly felt them and do a needle felt design. OMG! They fit good and feel good.  Of course I was checking on them every two minutes to make sure they did not over felt. So I am happy with them and got to thinking that if I had knitted these in the round it would have been a breeze to do the thumb without moving all the stitches on either side.  DUH, so I will try again doing circular and I bet I can beat the two hour time to make them by hand. The second picture is the glove on my hand. It was hard to take a picture and hold the camera with my left hand. When I put them in my shop I will have hubby take picture.


Cats…..hmmm…or Dogs rule?

I know this is not related to knitting but I thought it was funny. I have a sweetheart of a cat and a pushy jack russel terrier. The cat was here first. The dog does not hurt her but he pounces on her all the time. At times, he does not like it if the cat is on my lap and trys to hop up and push her out of the way. When it gets cold the cat and dog lay on top of the heat registers in the dining room. The cat was there yesterday so I got her cat bed out, put a little afghan I made for her in it and she hopped in and went to sleep. I was in the other room and I heard this noise coming from the dining room. The dog had pushed the cat out, pulled the afghan out of the bed and tried to get in the bed and found out it was too small. If you notice, in all of his trying,  he has the bed way off the register when he finally got settled.  I guess I have to go buy one for him that is a little bigger. Usually he stays in the family room by the fireplace but no…he wants what she has. lol




Liquid Rubber Spray for the bottoms of slippers

I have been looking for something for the bottoms of my felted slippers to stop from slipping. I have been looking at sheet rubber but to me they become shoes putting that on the sole. I found a product called liquid rubber. At first I was disappointed because I thought it would coat the bottom thorougly so I could walk out to get the paper and at the same time be soft enough for the house. I have used it a couple of times and now I love it. I just sprayed the bottom of the slippers in the picture. It is a light coat, can hardly be seen, can not be felt while walking in them,  and you can curl up in a chair with these on and they are not rigid. The product is washable and stays soft. And the most important part is that it stops the slipping. It is a spray that does not get into the air a lot like some aerosols. The smell goes away in a day. I found it on the internet and almost paid 9.99 for the spray and 6.99 for shipping. Then I saw it in an ad at Ace Hardware. We have one two miles from my home. I called them and they carried the colors but not the clear.  They ordered it for me and it cost $8.49.  A product that is well worth it if you are looking for something like this.