Baby Afghahn for Alexa on the Passap

I made an afghan for my nephew’s first child and it had his name on it. Now his wife is pregnant with a girl and I just now decided that I better do something and the shower is Saturday! Her colors in the room are pink and purple and green and decorated with butterflies and flowers.  I had the pink, dark pink and purple but did not have the lime green in a 224 so I did not want to do a four color with the wrong green. I found a green in cancun and I will duplicate stitch the centers of the flowers to add a little more  color. I did that in the second picture. I only had two hours last night to design this and 3 hours this morning to knit. I still have to bind off the top but took it off on waste yarn and can do that in an evening.  I am not crazy about the afghan  and I should have known by turning the butterflies that they would look elongated but I have to tell you that there is not one mistake, no pusher problems and I will tell you what my settings were. Tension masts were all set at 6. Two strands of 224 for each color. The cast on was TD 3, CX rows were 4 and the N/N row and final tension for the afghan was 4… on front bed and 5. on the back bed.  The afghan is 180 stitches by 190 rows using technique 199. The only time I had to stop was to add yarn when second cone ran out. I was in a hurry to take picture because I have to leave the house but it is a really pretty pink for the main color. It almost looks white in the picture.


  1. nslee Said:

    Oh my gosh is that beautiful. I love it. Kaylie called and said they are t4rying to move the shower to an upcoming date because of the aunts funeral . It would give me more time now. She will find out and let me know today. I hope this does not goof you up. I love the little hat it is darling. I just cannot get motivated to get all this stuff done. I am almost done with afghan. Email when I find out.

  2. ndennis Said:

    That is sooooo sweet! And not too elongated at that! She will treasure it for life. Good job!!

    • cckittenknits Said:

      You always make me feel sooooo good! Thank you! And I found out the shower might be cancelled because of a death in the family! All that stress to get it done.

  3. Connie Said:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! You always impress me. Love the butterflies.

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