Felted Purse with Botanical Needle Felting and a Metal Handle

I knitted and felted this purse using the same pattern as the one in the last posting. However, while the purse was felting my husband called me and needed me to do something. When I went to check the felting it had gone much further and it resulted in a smaller purse that I think is kind of cute. I needle felted a botanical design. I put metal grommets in purse at each end between the front and back and added a metal handle. I also purchased a purse latch for closure. The next picture shows the handle better. This will be for sale in my Etsy Store.


  1. ndennis Said:

    You just keep getting better and better! I absolutely love this. So professional!!

  2. Thank you! What a great compliment to start out my day 🙂

    • ndennis Said:

      But what are you going to do for photography when the flowers croak? 😦

      • I will go to wakes of people I don’t know and take my camera and use the flower arrangements that people send! lol 🙂

  3. ndennis Said:

    OMG, I nearly PMP!!!!

  4. Linda Lanese Said:

    I love it Carol, my color 🙂

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