Felted Purse with Metal Handle and Knitted Flowers

My friend Linda from Craft Gossip gave me a purse she knitted and felted with this handle on it.(Noni pattern) The problem was that when you opened the purse and then closed it, the metal sides ended up on the outside of the purse. I took the measurements of her purse, added an extra inch at the sides and figured out the stitch and row gauge for my pattern. As you can see from her pattern, the shape has changed at the top but not drastically.  I have not put the handle in permanently yet and it is a good thing. I want it where the ball clasp is on the right side for balance. I have to correct the smallest flower. By the way, I did crochet the filet lace table runner that this is on. It took me 7 years of working on it only on vacation in the fall and some at home. When I got close to the end, it motivated me to finish it. It is 41 inches long by 28 inches in width. I made a matching one for my smaller table that is 18 by 25.


I love Linda’s choice of colors. Unfortunately, I did not have that color. She crocheted her three flowers and I knitted mine. Information on the knitted flowers are in one of my previous posts. (October of 2011)


  1. ndennis Said:


    What a load of work on that filet, but sooooo worth it! It’s lovely….

    • Thank you!My doily is under glass to preserve all of my time and effort! I have literally thousands of crochet doily patterns and I refuse to get rid of them. May go back to it some day. Hmm….I doubt it. lol

  2. Gillian Pearson Said:

    You are such a clever bunny to crochet this runner – bet you needed spectacles when you were working on it! The felted purse is very pretty and I love the crocheted flowers ..

    • Thank you Gillian, I don’t need glasses for close up but had to follow a picture and sometimes did the same row twice and had to rip out. lol The flowers are knitted on my purse and crocheted on Linda’s purse. 🙂

  3. Linda Lanese Said:

    You are so clever, love the pruse and flowere with the handle 🙂

  4. Thank you lady!

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