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Wonder No More

Okay , I don’ t have to wonder any more what it would look like doing four rows of one color and then four rows of the contrast. The design is totally lost! Where the white arrow is I changed back to two rows and alternating colors. Well, now I won’t be losing sleep over what this would look like. The colors here are purple and lilac. Again, if you don’t see those colors it is your monitor or your eyes?

Peaches & Cream

Okay, I used soft colors of peach and cream-No it is not pink! It must be your monitor.

I alternated doing two rows of each color. Now I wonder if it would look more striped if I did 4 rows of one color and alternate. Hmmmm……

Can you do a 2 color afghan with border on the Passap?

I guess the next question is Would you want to do a two color? I just grabbed what was in front of me for the colors and they are pink and black! Nice, huh?

Anyway, maybe some similar shades would look nice. I may go and experiment . I used yarn holder eyelets 3 and 4 and just changed every two rows after programming in a design with the border. Of course, I had 20 needles on the left and 30 needles and did not center design so that is why you only see one side border.

Little Boy Blue Afghan with Border

I am so smart doing another one of these! (?) I started the afghan and forgot to put the extra needle into work on the back bed on the left side going against the needle rule. After 150 rows I looked at the design and there were all these little loops going up the left side! Drop it off and rewind and start again. This afghan is 224 and measures 38 by 40. The true texture does not really show in the picture.  It is pattern 1144 in the pattern book and it is repeated three times horizontally and vertically. I used 40 rows for beginning and ending border and 480 rows for middle. I knitted the Metbury booties to go with this afghan.

Another Potato Chip Scarf in Sashay yarn

I won’t explain how I did this since I stated how in a previous post. I happen to think besides the cream, this is one of the prettiest colors. It is called Shuffle? What the h…..color is that ? It is a taupe and soft white.  If you double click on the picture you can see the metallic polyester on the edge of the scarf that gives  a little sparkle.This scarf measures 60 inches in length. It is for sale in my Etsy Store.

Retro Wine Bottle Cover

Now I think am losing it. I told my husband that when he sees what I just finished he will tell me I need to get a  life. So I show it to him and when the laughter finally died down he asked where I got the colors! My next question to him was what does it look like to him. More laughter of course….and then he said It looks like an old coat from the goodwill store! I was thinking he would say a bathrobe. Not!

Anyway, I had fun making it. I put little patch pockets on it . I just felted up a flat piece of fabric to cut the arms out.

Now….if I could just find a little pair of glasses for the pocket or a little night cap-uh oh, there goes the mind again. lol

Passap Christmas Baby Afghan with Hat and Booties

This is another afghan with a border around it like the previous two that I made.(One exception is that I used 224 this time Norma-lol) This is pattern 1270 and pattern was 24 by 24 so I   had to enter it 5 times to get middle design. This afghan is a nice Christmas red. It is a nice size of 40 by 43 inches. The hat and booties are from the Metbury Collection. I think the design on the hat and booties looks similar to the design of the border. They will be for sale in my Etsy shop for Baby’s First Christmas.

Passap Baby Afghan with Border

I lied. I made another afghan like the pink one in the same brand of yarn. This is a beautiful vibrant royal blue. I used pattern 1021 in the passap pattern book. It was 20 stitches wide so I programmed it 7 times to make 140 stitches. Then I added nine stitches on each side for border . Total stitches were 149. Measurement of finished blanket is 34 by 34 inches.





Passap-Adding a Border to an Afghan

I came across an article in News and Views called Let’s Knit An Afghan-E6000. It is volume 25, November of 1995.The article is by JoAnn Teodori .

Once I sat and read the whole article, it seemed too confusing and I walked away. Started an afghan and was unsuccessful so I went back to this article and decided to figure it out. It was really easy once I got the hang of how it was being programmed.  The pattern for B  is 1071 in the passap pattern book and it is 32 st by 32 rows. You start by entering Pattern A as 186 which is a technique. Then Pattern B you enter 4 or five times to make sure pattern repeats across the bed. This was supposed to be 5 repeats and I made it 4 for a baby afghan. 4 repeats came to 128 stitches for the middle design. Then you program Pattern C just like pattern A which is the bottom and left side border. I used needles 64 left and 64 right and then I added nine stitches on each side for the border. When you are all done entering information and you start set up you just put needle 73 minus for the left needle and 73 right on the right side. The design will knit on middle 128 stitches and the borders knit the technique 186 which is plain. The directions are wonderful and they walk you through EVERY step of programming.

Okay so I cast on and knit the first row and the front bed stitches fell off! I thought…what the ?  I failed to follow one sentence in the article and that was to put the yarn in color four of your changer and cancel the other 3. Yep, that was it!  This total afghan was 592 rows and it is 37 inches by 40 inches. This is a yarn that I bought from ebayer Colobrians and it is supposed to be 224 but it is finer. However, it is just perfect for this fantasy fairisle afghan. It takes 10 ounces of yarn. Now I am going to do one in a 224 and different pattern with a border and measure the differences. The tuck will show up more I am sure but it is very nice on this one.

Felted Wine Cover with Scarf

This is the second wine cover I made and I shortened the rows for the collar. I knitted starting with waste yarn and gathered the beginning stitches to finish the bottom. I knitted an acrylic scarf using my passap machine technique 188 so that both sides of the scarf look okay. The color is a deeper red than the picture shows. I tried taking pictures outside and the yarn looks orange.

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