Stained Glass Scarf

I was cleaning up my yarns and organizing them and I came across four balls of this ribbon yarn by Lion Brand called Trellis. I wondered if it would knit on my bulky machine so I tried it. OMG I have to tell you how drapey and pretty this is. I used about a ball and a half for the scarf and then I made fringe on the ends . The colors are so vibrant. They are lime, turquoise and fuschia. I wondered how to describe the yarn and I thought, Wow , this reminds me of the stained glass windows in churches.  I sat down after making the scarf and wrote the pattern and looked at the color and guess what-DUH! It is called Stained Glass! The amazing thing is that none of the yarn got caught up on the needles. The worst part was when I ran out of yarn and it dropped. It took longer to put back on the machine than it did to knit the whole scarf. Because I don’t remember what I paid for this yarn,  now I look  it up  to see what the cost is so I can price it to sell and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at ebay. That is the only place to find it because the yarn is discontinued.  People are asking up to 10 dollars a ball! Each ball is 50 grams and it is 1 & 3/4  ounces. The scarf is 60 inches long and 3 inches wide.


  1. Jan Said:

    I made a scarf from that yarn about 2/3 yrs ago and receive many compliments on it. The colors are vibrant, I really use mine alot especially like it on black,
    Glad you found yours and were able to make the scarf.

    • Thank you Jan, I made two and I am going to keep one probably. Yes the colors are really vibrant and it does look good on black. I just can’t get a decent picture to show the colors.
      Thanks again,

  2. ndennis Said:

    OMG!!! I wonder why they stopped making it? Probably got too expensive to get their money back… It IS gorgeous tho…

    • Why wouldn’t they start making it again when they see the demand? Especially when a lot of people are in to knitting now.

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