Can you do a 2 color afghan with border on the Passap?

I guess the next question is Would you want to do a two color? I just grabbed what was in front of me for the colors and they are pink and black! Nice, huh?

Anyway, maybe some similar shades would look nice. I may go and experiment . I used yarn holder eyelets 3 and 4 and just changed every two rows after programming in a design with the border. Of course, I had 20 needles on the left and 30 needles and did not center design so that is why you only see one side border.

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  1. joyce fazio Said:

    Thanks so much for the afghan border instructions, it took a while but I’ve got it ready to knit. Can hardly wait to see it come off the machine.

    Here’s another question which you may be able to answer. I’ve seen where a photograph (obviously color) where enough color detail is removed so that one is left with a 2,3,or4 color design in Win_Crea. How does one do that? I tried removing colors (counting up to as many as 60 plus) and get a bad end result. I’ve seen a stallion, Persian cat, last supper, etc., and they all look great. I’d like to make one for my daughter of her and her three children. Help with this one would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again for the afghan border,

    Joyce Fazio

    Bluffton, SC

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