Retro Wine Bottle Cover

Now I think am losing it. I told my husband that when he sees what I just finished he will tell me I need to get a  life. So I show it to him and when the laughter finally died down he asked where I got the colors! My next question to him was what does it look like to him. More laughter of course….and then he said It looks like an old coat from the goodwill store! I was thinking he would say a bathrobe. Not!

Anyway, I had fun making it. I put little patch pockets on it . I just felted up a flat piece of fabric to cut the arms out.

Now….if I could just find a little pair of glasses for the pocket or a little night cap-uh oh, there goes the mind again. lol


  1. I love it!!!!!!

    • Well that makes my effort worthwhile! Thank you. I am going to put in my Etsy store and see what happens. lol
      Carol 🙂

  2. Bonnie Said:


  3. Bonnie Said:

    A pair of slippers next?

    • That sounds good. lol

      • Bonnie Said:

        In the green of course!

      • But of course in the green color my husband thought was ugly. lol

      • Bonnie Said:

        No just in style. Have him look at the fabrics available. what c=goes around , comes around. I think it is excellent!

  4. Thank you 🙂

  5. ndennis Said:

    Deffo needs a nightcap for the cork! You’ll make more of these, I’m bettin’… I have some teensy wire to make the glasses. I’ll send ya some! could use a little bit of chain and let em hang down on the bottle’s “chest”….

    o god….here I go with ya!!!! agh!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL This is proof that this knitting gets to one’s brain. I could probably knit a little stocking cap.Uh, Oh……

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