Passap Baby Afghan with Border

I lied. I made another afghan like the pink one in the same brand of yarn. This is a beautiful vibrant royal blue. I used pattern 1021 in the passap pattern book. It was 20 stitches wide so I programmed it 7 times to make 140 stitches. Then I added nine stitches on each side for border . Total stitches were 149. Measurement of finished blanket is 34 by 34 inches.






  1. ndennis Said:

    Lie some more! Lie some more!!

  2. Ellie Peterson Said:

    I have had my Passap E-6000 for years and never dreamed that I could have knitted finished edges on the sides. I nevered dreamed that I could enter the same patterns on the same row and then have edges, too!! Thanks for opening a new world to me. I will give it a try and see if I can do it. Thanks sooo much for helping some of us who never try new ideas!!

    • Hi Ellie, I have the instructions in a pdf file if you would like them. It walks you through all the programming instructions step by step and this information will not frustrate you. Let me know, I would be glad to send info.
      Carol 🙂

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