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Potato Chip Scarf In Fall Colors

Here is another potato chip scarf done on the Bulky Brother Knitting Machine.  This can be made with all machines. Just use every other needle set up . Hang six stitches and put them behind the needles. Then place the next six loops of yarn into the hooks of the needles, make sure latches are closed and hand knit these stitches back. Continue until the end of the ball of yarn.   It does not look long in the picture but it is about 78 inches. It wraps around the neck nicely and I love the feel of this yarn. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I used Starbella Yarn by Premier . The yarn does not go through the tension mast. I leave it on my lap and hand feed to knit.

My Mimosa Tree

I know this is off the subject of knitting but I wanted to share a picture of our Mimosa tree with you. It stays in bloom for a month. The leaves close up at night. All of the little buds you see will continue to open with the little pink puffs. In the fall brown pods form and fall from the trees. These pods have the seeds and over the winter, the seeds get soaked and new little trees will start up in the flowerbeds. They are not bothersome though and easy to pull out.

When we were in Alabama I stopped at a nursery to buy one because we saw them all over. The man laughed at me and told me to dig one up along the road and that they grow like weeds in the South. I had someone in the neighborhood give me seedlings in the spring quite a few years ago and we were able to keep it from dying.

This tree is up over the roof and I went on the roof to take these pictures. I started one of these trees for the front yard and I am going to trim in the spring so it always stays small and full.

My Hand Knitted Huggable Bear

I never wanted to make a stuffed animal until I saw the pattern for this one .  It is called the Huggable Bear by Gypscream at link above. It is hand knitted , something I don’t do very often. I found the yarn on ebay and it cost me 20 dollars for three skeins. He takes two skeins. The yarn is Sirdar Funky Chunky Eyelash. It is so soft and silky but hard to see the stitches while knitting.

These bears take on their own personality as you are putting them together. As a matter of fact this guy was complaining that he looked like a gorilla until I sewed his ears on. He also complained about the bow around his neck choking him. He also said that he thought his head was smaller than his body. I told him to live with it-I do!   …. lol.

I knitted a little at night for about one or two weeks. Then assembly time came. Whew!! That was the most time consuming though the directions are very good . He comes with a little free sweater pattern but I think he is too cute to cover up. After all of the work I put into this little guy, it is hard to part with him. 🙂

Felted Purse with Needle Felted Abstract Sunflower

This is one of the earlier bags that I felted and did not know what to do as far as a design . I purchased this design from Dreamstime. The purse is all wool and has a tweed in it that is very subtle. There are some shades of brown that are hard to see.

I then needlefelted the abstract flower onto the purse and made the petals puff up for dimension.

I have not decided on the closure yet whether it will be a snap or other.

The bottom has plastic canvas and is covered with fabric. The rest of it is not lined. There is a pocket for credit cards right on the back under the flap.

This will be for sale soon in my Etsy Store.

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