Chair Back Cover of my Cat done on the Passap Machine

UGH!!!! I could kick myself. I just felt like trying this converted pattern of a picture of my cat Ugly-actually that is what my husband wanted to call her but her name is Calie. I had this pattern in win/crea and just a few minutes ago, I found the better pattern that did not have all of the background in it! I am not doing it over since I was just fooling around-like knitting 1297 rows for the heck of it!!! This is not the picture used for the conversion. It was one of the ones taken in the group at the time though.The original is on an external drive with hundreds of pictures that take too long to import. There is some elongation but not something I would tear 1297 rows out and do again! LOL. I only used one strand of 224 yarn and was limited on choice of colors. She actually has a little peach color and I used tan. I used technique 211 with LX on front bed and AX with both arrow keys in.

I converted this so long ago I don’t remember which program I used but it was most likey converted in Journal six and then taken to DAK and then copied to Adobe Photoshop and saved to win/crea for downloading.

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  1. ndennis Said:

    Holy CRAP!! What a lot of work!!! But it IS sooooo cool! (and she’s NOT ugly!)

    [but you may have to get a motor before this is all over…lol!]

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