Felted Purse with Buckle










I knitted this purse circular on the Brother Bulky. I knit 20 rows for the base(50 stitches). Then I hung the beginning row on the ribber needles and hung the sides of the bottom on 3 needles on both ends of both beds. Total of 112 stitches. I knit ciruclar for 180 rows. The last couple of rows I decreased 18 stitches so that the top pulls in. Then I bound off all but 50 stitches on the main bed for the flap. I knitted 20 rows and then decreased every other row until I had 8 stitches left and took those off on waste yarn. I then cast on 8 stitches for the strap that goes around the purse. I knitted a long piece and then hung the purse flap stitches that were on waste yarn and pulled those stitches through the strap stitches and continued to knit.  I picked up stitches on the purse every 10 rows while I knitted the strap so I would not have to hand sew and to keep the strap from turning into a cord. I took it out several time while felting and stretched the strap also. I just knitted the strap longer at the beginning and the end to adjust for the length after felting. I placed grommets every one and three quarter inches on the strap so it did not look plain. At first I was going to put the grommets on the edge of the flap that is diagonal but lost my nerve. If you mark and make a hole, it better be exact! I worked on this not knowing how it was going to turn out but it came out okay. I have so much time in this that I did not add needle felting! lol I think this would look cute with jeans. It will be for sale in my Etsy store soon.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    So pretty! I love the strap ♥

  2. Norma Said:

    I like how the flap isn’t straight, but kinda curves in. Very mod! How big is this? It would be mucho cute with jeans!

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