Passap afghan for a Hunter

Well, I was not going to post this afghan since I have to do it over. I could kick myself but you need to know that I  make some big blunders also. I spent a half a day making this pattern up. I think the deer need to be moved up more and the moon needs to be rounder. But that is not my blunder (big one anyway) When I was near the top I had to add yarn. After about four rows I thought something felt funny while knitting. I did not thread the yarn through the one last hole on the mast  and it threw the tension off. Big noticeable mistake! I should have ripped out those rows. 1000 rows and lost time. Boo!Hoo! The colors are brown and light tan. Did not even try to get a better picture since I knew I had to do over. Thank goodness for an electric yarn winder and a jumbo tension regulated hand winder!

I will do it over and it will be different once I move some things around.


  1. Joyce Said:

    That is a beautiful design. A hunter will love it. Sorry you had to rewind the whole afghan. I have been there done that. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Joyce, I appreciate the compliment. I think we all have been there as far as rewinding!!
      Carol 🙂

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