Passap Afghan-Cow Jumped Over The Moon

This is an afghan that is a gift for someone. I made one about a year ago in a larger size. I used a yarn that was thinner than 224 and it comes out to a nice baby size. The pattern is in Machine Knitters Source March/April 2002 Volume 18, No 107. I scanned the picture in the magazine and then had to change a little in DAK. Then I copied and pasted it in Photoshop and saved as a bmp file in win/crea so that I could download it. The pattern is so great for a beginner becuase it walks you through every step in programming. It calls for Tamm Astrycryl yarn and it would be much larger if I had used that but I did not want it that large. It is technique 187.


  1. Rita McElroy Said:

    I have loved that pattern ever since I first saw it. Thanks for telling us how to be able to knit it, because I did not contact the magazine (or pattern creator) when it was new (and available).

  2. Linda Lanese Said:

    Very sweet!

  3. Diana Said:

    What yarn did you use instead for the smaller baby size? And tension #. Thanks!

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