Passap Miniature Mitten

I knitted the little mitten on the left using my Passap. I was just sailing along knitting it circular thinking this was easier then using the Bulky machine. I was just changing colors every four  rows thinking what a breeze this was. I took it off the machine and laughed when I saw the yarn traveling up the side of the mitten! Okay, so how do you do it?  So, now I am on to number two mitten to correct the situation. I cut the yarn and dropped it inside of the mitten each time I changed colors. Duh! All I had to do was pull a longer loop down before starting the next color and then use a needle to thread it to inside. So while concentrating on this I started with the wrong color for the stripe and it not only looks funny but I think I forgot some extra rows circular for the thumb! This was a hand knit pattern that I tried to convert to the machine. Notice, I said TRIED. I will just leave it at a learning experience. It was much faster than knitting by hand though. The nice thing about felting is that it covers a lot of flaws and these definitely need to be covered.

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