Passap Afghan Lovely-Navy Blue

I made this navy blue Afghan Lovely for my Etsy store. My passap was knitting like a dream until I was halfway finished and the yarn seemed to be bunching up on the left side. I removed it from the machine and it was the way the yarn was coming down from the mast that caused the problem. I realized that the mast tension was too loose. I put it at 5, rewound the yarn and it knitted beautifully to the very last row. I used TD 5 and knitted 948 rows using needles 89L and 88R so that both end needles would be on the back bed. Technique 140. It is five panels wide and six panels long.


  1. landofoznsw Said:

    can i knit this on a KM 965, and what pattern would i use?

    lovely blanket

    • Hi, Thank you. I don’t believe you can knit this on a km other than a passap. This afgan has rows that have sometimes six strands of yarn laying in the needles to make the tuck stitch and strippers that push all that yarn down before knitting it. I have Brother machines but this is one of the reasons that I bought a passap. It is known for the huge size afgans that are totally finished when they come off the machine.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Nancy Said:

    Hi, I am trying to knit this pattern & am having trouble. It seems to be off centre with right border of 6 plus edge stitch & left border of 8 plus edge stitch. How do I get it to be the same? I tried your suggestion of R88 & L89 but I’m still doing something wrong. Can you help?
    Thanks, Nancy in Victoria, BC

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