Black Felted Purse with a Brooch

I can’t remember what web site I saw this free purse pattern. It was for hand knitting and called the Caledon purse. I converted it to machine knitting with my stitch and row guage and it came out the same size as the hand written pattern. It is 12 inches wide and 7 inches high.I used the Brother Bulky machine and Paton’s yarn-two skeins. This is the first one that I knitted circular on the machine. I liked the hand written pattern because you decrease at the top on the last couple of rows and it brings the opening in a little and the flap fits nicely. It took awhile to do that on a machine because you decrease evenly and then move all the stitches in but well worth the effort. The hand written pattern had the tab knitted seperately and I decided to do it that way because I liked the raised look of the tab. Of course, on the next one I make, I will do a row with thread to mark the row for the tab placement. I also decreased on the last two rows of the flap so that the corners were rounded. I used a magnetic snap and sewed a brooch of a Rose with glass diamonds that sparkle in the light. The handle and the tab were done using two strands of yarn together at a tension of 10. The number of stitches that I cast on was 70. It was 54 rows circular for the purse and 28 rows for the flap. The flap was 12 stitches.

This has become my favorite purse so far. I have a wedding to go to in October and I may make one to match my dress.

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