My Mimosa Tree

I know this is off the subject of knitting but I wanted to share a picture of our Mimosa tree with you. It stays in bloom for a month. The leaves close up at night. All of the little buds you see will continue to open with the little pink puffs. In the fall brown pods form and fall from the trees. These pods have the seeds and over the winter, the seeds get soaked and new little trees will start up in the flowerbeds. They are not bothersome though and easy to pull out.

When we were in Alabama I stopped at a nursery to buy one because we saw them all over. The man laughed at me and told me to dig one up along the road and that they grow like weeds in the South. I had someone in the neighborhood give me seedlings in the spring quite a few years ago and we were able to keep it from dying.

This tree is up over the roof and I went on the roof to take these pictures. I started one of these trees for the front yard and I am going to trim in the spring so it always stays small and full.



    Hi Carol,
    your tree is beautifull!! How long did it take to get that big? It has been a pretty cool (temp wise) summer here. I normally put my tomatoe plants in the greenhouse but this year kept them in the house!!

    • Hi Kathleen, It took about 10 to 15 years to get this big. My husband would not cut it back in the spring so it would stay shorter and we could have enjoyed the blooms closer to the ground! My one I have in the front yard is about 6 feet tall and next spring I will cut the top off to encourage fullness. The great thing is that the trunk is not huge. It is rather delicate looking. I like the leaves also because it reminds me of the prayer plant that closes when you touch the leaves.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Vicki Herman Said:

    Hi Carol, any chance you would share a couple seed pods so I can try starting one for my yard. It is lovely. I’m in North Olmsted, OH. Vicki H.

    • Sure I will give you the seed pods. Just give me your address and I will send some to you when the pods start to fall.. I would suggest leaving a couple in the flower beds that are moist and partially bury them. If you try to start in pots, they will grow so big and then die.
      Carol 🙂

      • Vicki Herman Said:

        That’s great, I really appreciate that. I will send an email privately. Thanks so much Carol. By the way, I just love all your knitting.

      • Hi Vicki, Thanks for the compliment on my knitting. I will send the seed pods in the fall so don’t forget to email me. By the way, I have a lot of them start up on their own around my air conditioner because of the water that drains off!

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