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Chair Back Cover of my Cat done on the Passap Machine

UGH!!!! I could kick myself. I just felt like trying this converted pattern of a picture of my cat Ugly-actually that is what my husband wanted to call her but her name is Calie. I had this pattern in win/crea and just a few minutes ago, I found the better pattern that did not have all of the background in it! I am not doing it over since I was just fooling around-like knitting 1297 rows for the heck of it!!! This is not the picture used for the conversion. It was one of the ones taken in the group at the time though.The original is on an external drive with hundreds of pictures that take too long to import. There is some elongation but not something I would tear 1297 rows out and do again! LOL. I only used one strand of 224 yarn and was limited on choice of colors. She actually has a little peach color and I used tan. I used technique 211 with LX on front bed and AX with both arrow keys in.

I converted this so long ago I don’t remember which program I used but it was most likey converted in Journal six and then taken to DAK and then copied to Adobe Photoshop and saved to win/crea for downloading.

Felted Craft Tote/Purse “Fiesta” & “Lemons& Limes”

I promise that these are the last of the same bag to be posted. lol I call the finished one Fiesta and the other one Lemons and Limes. I am going to put plain black cords on the Lemons and Limes. Again I used the stripe generator on the website Biscuits and Jam . The link to that site is in the Cat in the Hat blog. These will be for sale in my Etsy store.

Wonder Washer-Table Top Felter

Someone asked what a table top felter is. Here is my little baby. It is called the Wonder Washer. I can’t remember what I paid for it. My friend from Craft Gossip had one and I liked it. It is great. If I am doing large purses though, I like the washing machine. The second picture is the inside. It has small little Paddles and this turs to the right and reverses just like a washing machine.Now don’t laugh, to help with agitation I took stones and tied them in a sock and it works.

Cat in the Hat Felted Yarn/Craft Tote

When my friend Linda from Craft Gossip asked her followers what they would like to see me make, the largest response was craft totes without buckles, clasps or closures of any sort that the yarn would catch on. I came up with this design by going to the craft site Biscuits and Jam which has a stripe generator that is really unique. The link to that site is at the bottom.

I picked a striped pattern that had 9 rows for the second stripe at the top because I knew that would be about one inch and the grommets would be easy to put in . When I finished knitting and felting this I showed it to my husband and right away he said “Cat in the Hat”! It did look like a hat before I put the grommets in so that is what I have named it. I love the size and the length of the handles. They are 34 inches in total length but shorten once they go through the grommets.The size of the tote is 9 inches circular and 13 inches long. I made the handles short so it does not drag on the ground if you carry it with your hands. It looks cute over the wrist also.

Okay, so here is how I made it. I cast on both beds with waste yarn  and ravel cord. Then I knit 110 rows(220 circular rows) When I got to the top I just cast off all stitches on both beds. On the bottom I took the starting tail and gathered all of the open stitches on the waste yarn and secured.  Then I felted the bag. I placed eight grommets around the top that are one inch in width. I knitted a 3 stitch I cord , one in each color. I knitted about 40 inches for each one. I wove them through the holes, joined the beginnings with the ends and then felted the cord in my table top felter. I hung the bag in so only the cords felted and not the bag again. The bag and handles take a little over 8 ounces of yarn.  It will be for sale in my Etsy store soon.

Felted Purse with Buckle










I knitted this purse circular on the Brother Bulky. I knit 20 rows for the base(50 stitches). Then I hung the beginning row on the ribber needles and hung the sides of the bottom on 3 needles on both ends of both beds. Total of 112 stitches. I knit ciruclar for 180 rows. The last couple of rows I decreased 18 stitches so that the top pulls in. Then I bound off all but 50 stitches on the main bed for the flap. I knitted 20 rows and then decreased every other row until I had 8 stitches left and took those off on waste yarn. I then cast on 8 stitches for the strap that goes around the purse. I knitted a long piece and then hung the purse flap stitches that were on waste yarn and pulled those stitches through the strap stitches and continued to knit.  I picked up stitches on the purse every 10 rows while I knitted the strap so I would not have to hand sew and to keep the strap from turning into a cord. I took it out several time while felting and stretched the strap also. I just knitted the strap longer at the beginning and the end to adjust for the length after felting. I placed grommets every one and three quarter inches on the strap so it did not look plain. At first I was going to put the grommets on the edge of the flap that is diagonal but lost my nerve. If you mark and make a hole, it better be exact! I worked on this not knowing how it was going to turn out but it came out okay. I have so much time in this that I did not add needle felting! lol I think this would look cute with jeans. It will be for sale in my Etsy store soon.

Felted Purse with Intarsia Design on Flap

Well, since my afghan was a disaster I went back to felting. lol  This is the same pattern as the black purse with the brooch but I added 25 more circular rows. When I got to the flap I knitted Intarsia with  other colors-orange, gold and oatmeal. I attached the flap after I knitted and before I felted. I made a buttonhole in the flap and I felted a gold piece of material to cover the button. It is about 12 inches wide and  longer than the black one to give ample room to carry many items. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

Passap afghan for a Hunter

Well, I was not going to post this afghan since I have to do it over. I could kick myself but you need to know that I  make some big blunders also. I spent a half a day making this pattern up. I think the deer need to be moved up more and the moon needs to be rounder. But that is not my blunder (big one anyway) When I was near the top I had to add yarn. After about four rows I thought something felt funny while knitting. I did not thread the yarn through the one last hole on the mast  and it threw the tension off. Big noticeable mistake! I should have ripped out those rows. 1000 rows and lost time. Boo!Hoo! The colors are brown and light tan. Did not even try to get a better picture since I knew I had to do over. Thank goodness for an electric yarn winder and a jumbo tension regulated hand winder!

I will do it over and it will be different once I move some things around.

Passap Afghan-Cow Jumped Over The Moon

This is an afghan that is a gift for someone. I made one about a year ago in a larger size. I used a yarn that was thinner than 224 and it comes out to a nice baby size. The pattern is in Machine Knitters Source March/April 2002 Volume 18, No 107. I scanned the picture in the magazine and then had to change a little in DAK. Then I copied and pasted it in Photoshop and saved as a bmp file in win/crea so that I could download it. The pattern is so great for a beginner becuase it walks you through every step in programming. It calls for Tamm Astrycryl yarn and it would be much larger if I had used that but I did not want it that large. It is technique 187.

Felted Nook Tablet Cover with Needle Felted Design










This Nook tablet cover is like the first one that I made for the Nook reader except that it is larger. I also lined this one with fabric. On the reader I felted the lining. I put a small pocket on the left inside for notes or whatever. I used velcro for the closing. I placed plastic canvas between the layers on the left and right side for rigidity. It is not one solid piece so it closes nicely. I also used yarn to secure the tablet and did not go through the back on the outside. The yarn is secured under the plastic canvas so it will hold the tablet in. I don’t even want to add all the time I have into this but it was fun making it and that is all that counts. Right? It is for sale in my Etsy Store.

Passap Miniature Mitten

I knitted the little mitten on the left using my Passap. I was just sailing along knitting it circular thinking this was easier then using the Bulky machine. I was just changing colors every four  rows thinking what a breeze this was. I took it off the machine and laughed when I saw the yarn traveling up the side of the mitten! Okay, so how do you do it?  So, now I am on to number two mitten to correct the situation. I cut the yarn and dropped it inside of the mitten each time I changed colors. Duh! All I had to do was pull a longer loop down before starting the next color and then use a needle to thread it to inside. So while concentrating on this I started with the wrong color for the stripe and it not only looks funny but I think I forgot some extra rows circular for the thumb! This was a hand knit pattern that I tried to convert to the machine. Notice, I said TRIED. I will just leave it at a learning experience. It was much faster than knitting by hand though. The nice thing about felting is that it covers a lot of flaws and these definitely need to be covered.

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