Autumn Leaves Felted Purse

This is a purse I made that I am calling Autumn Leaves. In the  picture on the  left  you can see that I knitted five stripes using short rowing technique. I used DAK for that. I knitted the front, then I hung it back on the  machine at bottom(first picture of front and back in the bottom pictures) and worked on the opposite side for short rowing so that the side seams match(second picture) I used Paton’s yarn. I then felted for 25 minutes in the machine so that it came out the size to fit the handles. At the top of the purse I decrease six stitches on each side and knitted 20 rows to go through the slits in the handles. I pulled the felted yarn through the slits in the handle and then cut off excess and sewed to the purse by hand. You can see that in 5th picture. I sewed the side seams before felting. The width was 80 stitches and length was 94 rows at tension 8 on the Bulky machine. I added side gussests so that the purse will open a little wider to see inside. I needle felted the design on the front using leaves from my yard that you can see in the third picture. The deep cranberry leaf is from a Japanese maple. The acorns actually stand up on the front and are not flat giving the design some dimension.  I lined the inside(fourth picture) with a cotton material that I preshrunk and it has leaves on it and similar colors for fall. The lining has two pockets on one side and on the other side there are four pockets to slide items into so that everything is not sitting on the bottom. Of course, this can be used as a craft tote as well and the pockets can be used for scissors, needles, hooks etc. This will be in my Etsy store for sale soon.


  1. Anne Said:

    I really like the colours and design of this creation! Keep up the great work. It looks like it is a nice size as well.

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you Anne!

  3. Linda Lanese Said:

    This is stunning, really stunning ♥♥♥

  4. cckittenknits Said:

    Thank you Linda!

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    Autumn Leaves Felted Purse | Cckittenknits’s Weblog

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