Felted Purse using Short Rowing

I had a day off from work on Saturday and devoted it to a knitting project. I saw this pattern on a web site called Drops Design. It is a hand knitting pattern and I liked the design. It uses short rowing which I know how to do but trying to convert from a hand to a machine knit was the problem. If I was a smart person I might not have spent about four hours trying to figure it out while knitting. In actuality, I guessed on the numbers of stitches for the stripes and don’t know how I came out with a decent pattern.  I was writing everything down as I did it and then had to cross it out and start again. I know why knitters who write patterns want to get paid for them! I used Lion Brand yarn in Nature’s brown, Oak tweed and Oatmeal. On the back I was going to switch the colors on the stripes but decided to match the front so that attention was not given to the seam. The second picture is taken from the side. I felted knitting for the covered button. I think it will be a magnetic snap instead of a buttonhole. Now you can laugh because I was thinking of this as a craft carrying bag and ended up with a purse! There is one more thing I have to do to this. The area between the button and the handle opens up when you carry it. I am thinking of taking a tuck in on each end to keep that from happening. If you go to Drops Design (the pattern number is NE-049)you will see that the purse they made uses the top for the bottom of the purse. That is why my area with the button curves higher.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Now that is darling 🙂 Clever Carol!

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    Yes but is it worth eight hours of work? Lol!!!

  3. Madonna Said:

    I love it. You did a great on the design. It does take a long time to design, but the end result is one of a kind.

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Thank you Madonna, I wish I had that kind of time all the time!lol

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