Felted Nook Tablet Cover

A little while ago I just knitted up some wool and put stripes in it so that it would be easier to find the middle of the fabric for a Nook cover.  It seemed so plain when I got done so I added the flowers and the lady bug. My felted lady bug is a little too big but sometimes when you remove the needle felting, you will see a dark area if you can’t get all of the fibers out so I am leaving it alone. I decided to try a buttonhole for the flap. Next time I would use a snap . I found a lady bug button and that probably would have been enough without my felted ladybug.

My sister got a Nook color instead of the reader so I can’t give her my little mouse nook cover. I have a quilted cover for her for the summer and this one is for her for the winter.

On this cover, I used a fabric for the liner and it was much easier and will be a little thinner but adequate to protect it. Inside there is a pocket for infromation or a stylus to carry with the Nook.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    This one is pretty, I like the mouse one better, too cute 🙂

  2. Kim Said:

    I love your flowers and I think the ladybug is adorable!!

  3. cckittenknits Said:

    Hi Kim, Thank you! I did not see your comment until now. So sorry, I like to answer right away.
    Carol 🙂

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