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Passap Baby Blanket with Bear

I was supposed to be making a stroller blanket. I took this pattern that was larger and personalized and made it a baby blanket. It is 163 stitches wide and was 636 rows. I used technique 183(LX/N). Since the expectant mother did not want blue colors for a boy, I thought this would be nice. These colors are cream and tan. The cream is the same color I made the sweater and the afghan lovely in. The size is roughly 29 inches by 38 inches.. If I had taken out more rows above the words “Sweet Dreams” the side borders would not have matched. I also did not want to fool around with the bear design because he is in proportion. One other thing to do would be to make the lettering smaller so I could take an additional 10 rows out but I think this will be okay.

Now that I finished this I can go back to having fun playing around with new ideas for knitting and felting.

Baby Sweater to go with Afghan Lovely Baby Blanket

This is the baby sweater I made by Ann Baker. I like it because it is so easy to make and it looks nice. I don’t have the buttons on it yet. I like the way the front band is knitted.  You just use about 11 stitches and knit in full needle rib doing the buttonholes in the beginning. Once you have the strip knitted which is longer than you need, you just undo yarn to the bottom of the sweater and finish off. I attached everything on the machine. I used the same yarn even though the sweater looks a little darker. Now I just have to do a stroller blanket for this woman. Would have done it today except that my friend insisted we go to lunch and Joann Fabrics.  It was fun and I still have a week to make the stroller blanket.

Knitted Scarf With Cables and Sequins

This is a scarf that I knitted on the Brother Bulky Machine. It is Paton’s Lace yarn with sequins. I took a picture in the sun just to see what the sequins would look like and boy do they POP out. The yarn is a dark black. The design is three cables down the middle. It was knit using both beds. I am trying to make things for my Etsy store in the fall. I made a ruby scarf like this for myself since I love the feel of the yarn around my neck. It is light and airy and soft and warm . If you left click on the picture you can see a closer picture of the sequins.

Knitted and felted Chickadee purse with matching clutch.

I knitted and felted this chickadee purse. About a week ago I started to make the little clutch purse and was almost done when a lady bought the large purse  from my Etsy store. I let her know that I was working on the matching clutch and she bought that too! Her husband bought it for her and that’s a nice hubby!

Felted Makeup Bag or Clutch

I made this one awhile ago. I had several skeins of yarn in different colors but only one skein so I decided to try a lavendar one. It has black clasp at the top. I needlefetled a design . The leaves are a purple even though they look blue.

Baby Afghan Lovely on the Passap-again!

I had to make this afghan for a woman that does a lot of nice things for me. I am going to make another afghan but more a stroller blanket. This is an off white and I used 224 yarn. It was done on the passap with technique 140 , 127 stitches and 146 rows(584)

Potato Chip Scarf made with Pirouette Yarn

I made this Scarf with a yarn that is like Starbella and costs the same. It is called Pirouette by Patons. I was surprised when it did not come out as long as I wanted it to and found it only has three ounces to the skein. I can’t remember if I had to use two of starbella for the long white one that I made. It has an edge on it that is soft balls in a velour like yarn. It also has sequins and it is in different shades of blue. It measures 36 inches long and it will look nice just hanging around the neck. I must say that this yarn feels as soft around the neck as the Starbella does.

If you left click on the picture with your mouse you can see the detail in the yarn.

Knitted Slipper Socks with Fine Lace Design

I decided to make a pair of my slipper socks because I have not knitted on my standard gauge Brother in awhile. It really felt funny. I have not made a pair of these in awhile  and I actually had to look at the pattern I wrote. They are made using the fine knit setting on the lace carriage. They are made with CanCun yarn at a tension of 6. All I did for the pattern was to take a baby bootie pattern and just use my stitch and row gauge after I measured my foot.

They are for sale in my Etsy Store.