A Larger Felted Bag with Needle Felting

This is another makeup bag or whatever you choose to put into it that has a wider metal frame and the ball clasps are black. I lined the inside of the bag with a cotton material . It was so hard to get the felted piece of material with the lining in between the metal pieces to sew it together. It is only basted in right now. I am going to use embroidery floss to sew in permanently since the yarn was so thick on the first one and I broke so many needles. The color is lime and I will get a better picture when I put it in my Etsy store. The rows I knitted were 100 and 50 stitches wide. I did not have a lot of excess material on this one. When I make the next one I am thinking of using stitch witchery just to fuse the lining to the felt around the top edge to keep pieces together. Update 4/21/12 This is the finished bag. I used embroidery floss to connect the purse to the frame after basting it in with thread. It is now available in my Etsy Store.

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