Long Stitch Cable with Garter rows on Passap

I did this cable sample with the contrast yarn so you could see the garter rows at the top and bottom of the cables. I like this one much better . However, I never cease to amaze myself at how dumb I can be! I was wondering if they made a garter bar for the passap like the Brother machines. I was even thinking of doing this sample on my Brother. I thought on the passap I would have to take off on waste yarn and rehang for garter row. Well it is a good thing I thought about it for awhile. Duh! Transfer stitches to the bottom bed and then back to the top with the U-100 transfer carriage. Zoom, zoom zoom I was done in a minute. It gives me one more reason why I love the Passap machine. This is even quicker than using the garter bar on the Brother.The transfer carriage works going from either  bed to the other unlike the brother carriage that only transfers the ribber to the main bed. I may never use this design but I sure won’t forget how easy it is to do garter rows. 🙂

The sequence to do this design is when you come to the cable row, transfer stitches to the front bed. Knit one row by hand  pulling needles all the way back to the out of work position with a contrast color or another piece of same color of yarn. Gently pull from below so all needles are back to work position. Cross the stitches for the cables. Knit one row and then transfer stitches back to the back bed. Knit 6,8, or 10 rows and repeat.

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