Hourglass Cable Accent on the Passap or all machines

This hourglass cable accent is from a book called Nicely Knit Cable Classics by Mary Louise Norman. Copyright 1984. I tried this on the passap on the back bed. They do not show up well in the picture but they sure do on the fabric. You just have to mark your machine where you do the cables . I made pencil marks on the white pegs that stick up between the needles. The second picture is a close up of just one cable. Here is how they are done. Knit to the row where you will start your cables. These are six stitch cables. Unravel the yarn on the six needles that you want for the cable. Place your latch tool in the first needle of the six. Pull the needle forward so the stitch is behind the latch. Now with the latch tool, pull the yarn that was unravelled through to the purl side and rehang on the needle. Do this 5 more times . I then knitted six rows(the book does 4 rows) and then you cross the same six stitches for the cable.When using the Brother machine you can knit across the needles that are crossed for the cables by pulling them all the way out. I think it is hard on the machine and some needles might get bent so I always got in the habit of knitting the crossed stitches with an extra piece of yarn by hand. The last picture shows the back of the fabric where the extra piece was carried across. Make sure the yarn is not pulled too tight. If I was doing several of the cables in a vertical pattern I would run the yarn vertically to the top of the garment.  You can also cut and tie the ends loosely behind each cable .

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