Machine Knit Felted Purse, My pattern

 I made up this pattern and knitted it and liked how it came out. I added ten more stitches to cast on (60) than the last purse and knitted 20 more rows than that purse to add height to bag. I started with the bottom(20 rows) On the next row I e wrapped 12 stitches on each side and knitted 82 rows. The twelve stitches on each side are the side stitches so that there is only one seam on each side and it is on the back part. On the back, I rehung the other side of the bottom and knitted 82 rows in stripe pattern and no extra stitches on each side. At this point I put a marker on each side and knitted 28 rows to start the flap. Then I decreased one stitch on one side for 29 rows and then I decreased both sides until there was one stitch. I have a pocket on the inside with a zipper and it is knitted in the same stripe pattern. For the pocket, I hang the purse again on the bottom edge with the purse  inside out and knit up the same amount of rows for the back and bind off. Have to do it this way to sew in zipper. When the zipper is in, I sew the three sides by hand. When I did the handles, I took the side stitches off on waste yarn and finished after the rest of the purse. I knitted 16 rows on 12 stitches and put the ring on attached to purse and bound off. For the strap, I knitted 16 rows, inserted those through the metal ring, hung the cast on stitches and knit 76 rows and took off on waste yarn. The other side is done the same and then grafted the top stitches of the band. I did not want the gold band showing so I single crocheted around the whole thing to cover it up before attaching handles. To finish this up I am going to needlefelt a design on the front flap-that is why I made it solid color. This will be for sale in Etsy store soon.

The next couple of pictures show the purse before felting it, the zipper on the inside pocket and the metal ring attached to the base of the purse.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Finally Carol! How many people have asked for this pattern and now you came out with this stunning bag. Congratulations I hope everyone sees what work and configuring went into creating this pattern and knitting it and of course felting. I am so proud of you. The baby shower you knitted it for was unborn then and now she is four years old. . . LOL Hugs!!!

  2. cckittenknits Said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! It took me four years to write this up? Where does the time go? I just love this felting stuff now and maybe that is why I got my you know what in gear!! Thank you for your praise, you really lift me up! Thank you for being my friend.

  3. Linda Lanese Said:

    You are very special friend to me HUGS!!!!

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