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Felted Nook Cover-Finished

I finished my Nook Cover. I used a thinner Jaggerspun Maine Line  black wool and knitted it up on the passap for the liner.  I cut the liner down the middle and sewed one piece on each side on three edges leaving the inside fold edge open. I inserted plastice canvas on each side and then sewed the black felted pieces together. I put velcro attachment on the right edge by sewing the pieces into the seam when it was inside out. I cut out sticky felt letters but will have to glue them since I don’t think they will stay. I also have to move the letter “M” to the right a little. I thought little plastic black and white eyes would look cute where the “O”‘s are in Nook but did not have any to try. I will make another felted cover but I think I would put material as the inside fabric since the felted piece is a nice thickness.  I still have to figure out how I want to attach the Nook to the fabric. I have several ideas.

Felted Nook Cover with Needlefelting

A friend in Arizona asked me how I liked my Nook reader.  She suggested making a felted cover for it. So… I go in another direction! I felted the piece of knitted wool. I used Paton’s wool and it takes about 3 ounces. I knitted 50 stitches and 120 rows on the Brother Bulky. The length is used as my width-that’s the nice thing about felting.  Then I needlefelted a mouse reading a book on the front. Don’t know how I will finish this yet but I am thinking. I may knit a piece of fabric on the passap with finer wool as I think this would be too thick doubled. Or I could use fabric. You will have to wait and see what I do. :)By the way, my sister used to call me Mouse when we were growing up. It certainly fits doesn’t it? I am sure she will get a good laugh out of this. I also think that double bed fabric on the passap machine would be ideal. Hmmm? Might try that.

Mini Felted Bags

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree on this little mini purse. I finally sat down and figured the stitch and row gauge on a felted piece of fabric. I then measeured the metal frame and added four stitches for the seam on each side. I sewed the side seams leaving 2 and 1/2 inches open on each side which left about an inch to sew and then I felted it. I did several and they all came out the size of the frame. It was much easier than trying to sew the sides and get them even. I used the Brother Bulky machine and Paton’s yarn. It takes about 3 ounces. I cast on 34 stitches and knitted 80 rows. The bottom picture shows the ones that I will be doing. One will have a chicadee and one will have a cardinal and one will have a yellow finch if I can find a decent picture and one will have  the woman in the hat that I did on the larger bag with the zipper. Of course, the one in green and white is the one in the picture.

A Larger Felted Bag with Needle Felting

This is another makeup bag or whatever you choose to put into it that has a wider metal frame and the ball clasps are black. I lined the inside of the bag with a cotton material . It was so hard to get the felted piece of material with the lining in between the metal pieces to sew it together. It is only basted in right now. I am going to use embroidery floss to sew in permanently since the yarn was so thick on the first one and I broke so many needles. The color is lime and I will get a better picture when I put it in my Etsy store. The rows I knitted were 100 and 50 stitches wide. I did not have a lot of excess material on this one. When I make the next one I am thinking of using stitch witchery just to fuse the lining to the felt around the top edge to keep pieces together. Update 4/21/12 This is the finished bag. I used embroidery floss to connect the purse to the frame after basting it in with thread. It is now available in my Etsy Store.

A Different Felted Bag with Needle Felting

My friend Linda sent me an idea for this little bag. It is smaller-6 inches wide by 5 inches tall. It has a metal frame with ball closure. I used a design I had for a purse that I sold. There is a smaller bird on the back, same design. I cast on 50 stitches and knitted 100 rows and I can still cut that size down for this small one. I am working on another one like it, a little larger and it will be lined with material to match the color of the yarn.  This frame is hand sewn in with red wool yarn. I have broken 3 needles -no, now it is 5 so far because the corner holes were not as large as the rest. This item is for sale in my Etsy shop.

I Said I Wasn’t Going To Do It Again

I said I was not going to make this again and I lied. I still thought a bigger one would look cute. I made the bag the same way as the first one but knitted 100 rows and it came out a nice length. I needle felted a design on the front and the flower is actually raised up a little. My friend wanted to have a give away for mothers day on her craft gossip web site. If she likes this one, I will give the details later or she will .

It is six inches high and ten inches wide. It has a loop on the right and a zipper to keep contents in.

The color is more of a cream color than white.

If you would like a chance to win this go to  The give away started yesterday 4/16

Long Stitch Cable with Garter rows on Passap

I did this cable sample with the contrast yarn so you could see the garter rows at the top and bottom of the cables. I like this one much better . However, I never cease to amaze myself at how dumb I can be! I was wondering if they made a garter bar for the passap like the Brother machines. I was even thinking of doing this sample on my Brother. I thought on the passap I would have to take off on waste yarn and rehang for garter row. Well it is a good thing I thought about it for awhile. Duh! Transfer stitches to the bottom bed and then back to the top with the U-100 transfer carriage. Zoom, zoom zoom I was done in a minute. It gives me one more reason why I love the Passap machine. This is even quicker than using the garter bar on the Brother.The transfer carriage works going from either  bed to the other unlike the brother carriage that only transfers the ribber to the main bed. I may never use this design but I sure won’t forget how easy it is to do garter rows. 🙂

The sequence to do this design is when you come to the cable row, transfer stitches to the front bed. Knit one row by hand  pulling needles all the way back to the out of work position with a contrast color or another piece of same color of yarn. Gently pull from below so all needles are back to work position. Cross the stitches for the cables. Knit one row and then transfer stitches back to the back bed. Knit 6,8, or 10 rows and repeat.

Felted Purse with Needle Felted Tree








I knitted another purse from the pattern I made  in Nature’s Brown Fisherman’s Wool . I used a design that I found and bought from Natalia Kuchumova from Dreamstime website. I had to pay for an extended license in order to use this on items to sell.  This purse has a magnetic snap and a pocket on the inside(which is not finished yet) This will be for sale in my Etsy store some time , soon……when I get it finished. lol I did not add the metal squares on the straps since I knew a lot of time would go into the needle felting. Another day of doing that but I don’t feel it was wasted…totally. I did get some laundry done and the lawn cut. lol

Long Stitch Cable in Contrast Color

I tried the long stitch cable again with a contrast cable and it does not have the same look to it and I don’t like it. Then I realized why . I alternated the next set of cables! However, I still don’t like the two color one.

Needlefelting on my striped Purse




I decided to needlefelt a design on the front of the striped purse I made.I felted over the magnetic closure. I had to try to use roving that matched the colors. It’s different!

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