Crochet Edgings on Passap-Last 2 samples

I think you will get a good laugh at this one. I was trying the 256 Edging. If you look at the needle set up in the diagram it can only be done if the racking handle is up. I should have known when I knitted the first row and the stitches were just laying in the needle heads. But no….I kept going. The exciting thing about passap machines is that you can’t see the work until about 6 inches of knitting so I had no idea what was going to come out. Well, sample one is it! It is actually pretty and soft edging but if you look close you can see the first row of knitting just being carried across the row. And it looks nothing like the one in the picture. Now the reason why is when you change the lock settings you only change the back lock!!! Well I didn’t know that. So my first sample was knit with K/x and A/X and then my lock changes went to N/N. Now I try again and what do I do? I set up exactly the same way withe the needles(WRONG!) but I change the back lock correctly. That is sample number two. Should I get the book out for needle set up for the technique? Why not. Should have done that to begin with! It ended up knitted correctly but came out the lacy trim because my tension was on the loose side. This edging also flares and is too heavy for a single knit fabric. I started to wonder if I had the technique wrong because it says 256 edging and the technique is 265 that you use on the console. This may have taken me awile to figure out but it was the easiest one to do with the racking and all. Go figure. That is it for the crochet edgings on the passap. Hope you try some of them. 🙂

Left click mouse on picture to left and put zoom level to 200% and you will  see this full page.

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